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Let’s face it, if we want up to the minute, up to the moment news, we turn to Twitter.
1000s of people who are not journalists in the right place at the right
time capture photos of news worthy events eventually caught by the TV
news networks.

Okay, news networks do a good job of ensuring their 24
hour channels keep updated constantly for news flashes when a piece of
news needs broadcasting. But it will never be as quick as the 1000s of
Twitter profiles, on 1000s of smartphones where news right now is just a click away.


Twitter Rules The World Of Up To The Minute News - Here is Why - Click For SEO - Social Media & SEO Blog

Twitter Rules The World Of Up To The Minute News - Here is Why - Click For SEO - Social Media & SEO Blog

A nice video there to kick off the new video news look. Do take note of the traffic tips.

We have updated the blog after a slight hiatus, well, months in fact. The blog running since 2009 will be updated with the strategies that allow conversions to work in today's social world - and coming at you via video.

We not interested in guest posts, only videos, and we can set up an arrangement here on this blogger site and on our main blog (see link below) for you to get 80% of the adsense revenue.

Click For SEO - Social Media & SEO Blog - Exposure, Traffic, Ranking! Learn From Top Contributors.

Click For SEO - Social Media & SEO Blog - Exposure, Traffic, Ranking! Learn From Top Contributors.


 SEO Content Writing: Target your keywords

SEO Content Writing

‘Short and sweet. It often takes people months of trial and error to get to a place where they understand these three simple and basic rules. Hopefully they find your site first.’
- Quote from feedback on an article on the top 3 SEO rules written by ClickForSEO for iEntry on
We shall write articles for guest blogs, and social networks that host a back link to your business site. Sites chosen to host your articles will be based on your niche. These can be guest blogs or directories.
You can order SEO content on a per article basis. Usually, clients then order a quick SEO gig for syndication and link building. Though, you can also order a batch of articles that includes a traffic plan.

Our Top SEO Content Packages

Just need articles written? For your blog, main site or a guest post? Order any number of articles.

You send a quick brief covering 1) the keywords to target , 2) keyword density, 3) the style of writing – business, humorous, freindly, etc and 4) you can specify the article title, signature and links to target.
1 link per signature is the best approach. The article content can also link to the target web site via one of the targeted anchor keywords. See the example articles list at the foot of this page.

Do you need content for your blogs, business site PLUS traffic to be driven to the articles?
Rates (for most niches, I will let you know if the niche needs extra research)
1-4 articles ordered: £15 per article covering more than 450 words and up to 1000 words.
5-9 articles ordered: £12 per article available for 400 to 450 word articles.
10 or more articles: £10 per article available for 400 to 450 word articles.
Note: articles needing more than 450 words are at the fixed rate of £15. A discount on batch orders can be negotiated for articles over 450 words.
Further discounted rates for less words per article can be negotiated.

Each order includes the below traffic generating strategies:

  • Each article is submitted social media groups and pages related to your niche.
  • Article pages on sites chosen will be linked to your site via anchor keywords in the content and signature.
  • Every post is sent to Reddit, Digg and many other bookmarking sites.
  • Article is posted to linkagogo, jumptags, and
Each traffic stream above will extend the reach of your targeted links and therefore traffic within hours to a few days.

SEO Content Writing: Target your keywords |

SEO Content Writing: Target your keywords |

A complete roadmap to a freelance writing income…£5.99

Writing For Money: The Online Writer’s Path To A Full Time Income

If you would like an ebook that shows you step by step how to start earning a freelance online writing income OR you simply need more income, my new ebook shows you the way.

Some reviews from linkedin writers:

I’m not even done with the book yet, because I keep letting myself check out links and sites mentioned in the book, but I already know that if I’d had this book, or one even remotely like it when I first started in my freelance writing career, I’d have an extremely healthy income stream and I’d probably be sitting on the verandah of my nice house sitting an ice cold drink with my laptop open and writing on my brand new 35-inch LCD screen.” – Mike Aguilar

I have reviewed your book and think it’s well worth the money. I was expecting it to be much shorter (based on others available). There are quite a few links to be investigated and I was surprised that you even went into HTML commands and advanced search engine techniques.” – Alex Keane

Writing For Money: The Online Writer’s Path To A Full Time Income provides you with plenty of information about genuine content writing sites that will help you to earn a steady income, writing articles from home. If you are a good writer, you might even earn more than what you are earning from your 9-5 job, by following and making use of the leads provided in this e-book. ” – Parsi Bagan

I have been continually reading Stephen’s eBook and I guess my only problem is knowing where I need to get started. He did all of the hard work so we wouldn’t have to. This book is chock full of information he laborously put together so others would have access. He took all of the guesswork out of it and made it easier to access what we need to be looking for. And he is using this group to continually update us on more information. For those of us who were fortunate enough to get a free copy of the book, feel lucky. Anyone else interested that might have to pay, it is more than worth the investment. Thanks for helping all of us, Stephen!”   - Rich Briggs

Your Writing Business Starts Here

The Writing Business: Get Paid for Reviews and to Write Blogs


Keep Your osCommerce Store Healthy!

Shopping Cart Diagnostics is an ultimate service providing timely and accurate monitoring of your osCommerce store! The service troubleshoots your store server environment, website availability, end-user experience and web page performance. You can also check your osCommerce shopping cart configuration settings for any glitches. With Shopping Cart Diagnostics you get everything you need at one place.

FREE osCommerce Error Diagnostics

STEP ONE: External and Internal Data Gathering

Shopping Cart Diagnostics gathers all the external and internal data necessary for performing the integrated store database and website check. The service aggregates all the necessary data on servers, store data, internal file and folder structure, etc. At this point, you will first need to download the connection bridge. It’s necessary for the service to be able to access your internal store data.

STEP TWO: Data Analysis

Shopping Cart Diagnostics analyses the data gathered during the first step of the way. The service goes through each and every aspect of store and website analysis to make sure everything is taken into account. This phase doesn’t take more than a couple of minutes.

STEP THREE: Error Detection

The service identifies the errors found within the setting of the website, shopping cart platform, store database and content, server environment, store security and other major aspects of shopping cart diagnostics. Within your account dashboard, the service displays all the Errors identified within the setting, as well as Notices on minor issues that require your attention. Based on the plan you have chosen for your store check, you will receive different types of error checks that you may alter by changing your plan and pricing.

STEP FOUR: Error Solution Suggestions

With the list of errors identified in the process of your store check you will receive suggestions and advice on how to resolve the issues and improve your store functionality.
That’s it! No other steps or unnecessary resources to spend. Have your store checked for errors right here and right now.

osCommerce Payment via Paypal Setup and Error Diagnostics

The site from the below link is about picking the better SEO and social media marketing books on Amazon, and adding them to various categories. Each book listed comes with user reviews so you can get a feel for the book's ability to teach online marketing.

There are 1000s of SEO books on Amazon but which ones should you buy if you are starting out; maybe you just set up your online business and now need to know how to start marketing online.

Best SEO Books For Beginners

Best SEO Books For Beginners

Getting found on Google is still a top priority. Yes, you can use social media to target prospects, and do that as its targeted traffic. But don’t forget to optimise your sites for Google positioning. If you are in a popular market and your page hits the number 1 spot, at least the top 5, it’s a lot of organic traffic.

How do you keep getting this traffic? Easy - using search engine optimisation techniques. One eBook on the subject has been getting lots of great reviews as it shows exactly how to get found on Google.

There is no magic wand at work here, just knowing what keywords to target.

It’s all about choosing buying keywords.

What search engine optimisation techniques actually work?

What search engine optimisation techniques actually work?

Brisbane, Australia ( - July 29, 2012) Contracting your search advertising to a qualified seo company can be an incredible relief while you get terrific results. There are several business out there that offer SEO services, however selecting one that might deliver on its pledges is just what makes a large difference. This is a scenario in which you need to really take care and look hard at who you are about to work with. You understand that not anyone will do, so that means there is an unique company you have to discover. In this particular post, we will certainly show you 3 methods for determining the right SEO business for you.

When you are evaluating a potential company to hire, you need to know how successful they have been with other businesses.

You could find a company that will merit an initial email because you have seen first hand that they can get some sites ranked highly. 

Essential Choices When Employing an SEO Company | ClickForSEO Blog - Marketing Articles and Latest SEO Tools

Essential Choices When Employing an SEO Company | ClickForSEO Blog - Marketing Articles and Latest SEO Tools


Our other low cost SEO services…..

Traffic deals from our partner. Monthly packages, no contract, start and stop the plans as when it fits your business needs.

BONUS: Contact us from the Contact page to let us know you ordered one of these services and I will include complete a full SEO and Traffic Building audit of your homepage in a quick report up to 5 pages.

48 Hour Google Listing – Guaranteed!
Give your website a boost with 48 hour inclusion in Google’s organic results! G-Boost also helps improve your ranking with monthly rank boosting links!
ONLY: £14.99 /mth

1,000+ Website VisitorsQuickHits is the easy way to boost your traffic with thousands of website visitors – guaranteed!
ONLY: £7.99 /mth

Get a Top 10 Listing in 350+ Search Engines.
Get an attractive, Google-style ad for your choice of keywords with guaranteed top 10 exposure across 350+ search engines on the ISEDN network. Top-Up Traffic has a low flat fee and drives keyword targeted traffic to your website!
ONLY: £7.99 /mth

G-Boost Pro: SEO + 500 Backlinks
Give your site a rankings boost! Optimize your website code and create 500 new links to your site each month!
ONLY: £24 /mth

Search Engine Marketing Deals! Take a look over other budget packages from our partner. View various SEO marketing deals that won’t empty your wallet and yet target long term marketing which is needed to get your site ranking on Google.

PLUS, use our FREE keyword competition analysis tool to look at your keyword density versus your top competitor. You will also find other useful links for optimisation there.

Link Building - Low Cost SEO options for low budgets from £3 |

Link Building - Low Cost SEO options for low budgets from £3 |

ClickForSEO helps startups, and small to medium businesses market their services online without the expense of a standard SEO package. Corporate SEO plans can also be discussed.

SEO Packages: take a look at our Free SEO tools, and Low Cost SEO services.
TOP SERVICES: Content for your sites, SEO copywriting to optimise your pages, Marketing of your services on Facebook and Linkedin, SEO audit showing any site errors preventing Google ranking, and Competition Analysis to gain an insight into any higher ranking competitors.

The key focus from this point is within the Link Building practices including Social Media Management services, and on-page optimisation audits.

ClickForSEO Search Engine Optimisation SEO Packages

Click For SEO WordPress SEO and Low Cost Packages Leeds Yorkshire

SEO Jobs across the UK 

UK SEO Jobs - Get A Job in the UK

SEO Jobs - Get A Job in the UK

What is a SEO Manager? Intro to Digital Marketing

Too many webmasters think of SEO in terms of things you do after a website is created, whether that’s optimizing specific on-page variables in order to maximize the odds of being ranked for particular keywords or the process of soliciting backlinks from qualified sources to power off-page SEO.

10 Ways Coding Can Help Your SEO | ClickForSEO Blog - Marketing Articles and Latest SEO Tools

Ways Coding Tips & Tricks Can Help Your SEO

Rank YouTube Videos Fast


Website visitor tracking tools are essential so you can:

1. Optimize your site to attract more traffic
2. Track the browsing trends of your visitors
3. View accurate reports on page retention times e.g. how long did a visitor stay on the home page?
4. Recognize where on-page optimization is absolutely needed

Visitor Tracking Tool Sumome - Track Browsing Habits

PPC Keywords For Campaigns

FREE PLUGIN Capture Leads within Wordpress

Keywords for PPC in 5 Minutes


TOP SEO Product on Amazon

The Best Damn Google Seo Book - Black & White Edition: Search Engine Optimization Techniques That Will Increase Your Search Engine Ranking! [Large Print] [Paperback]

Must if you are looking for SEO ,a review by S. Sen

If you are looking for some SEO tips and tricks, this is it. The great tips will help you climb the google search engine ladder. The book is very well structured and applicable. If you are looking for some professional inputs, go for this book.

Best SEO Books For Beginners

SEO For Beginners: Checklist on optimisation



Infographics combine exciting and stunning visuals with your marketing message. In this way, complex information supported by visuals allows the reader to understand the business message very easily.

Infographics Increase Traffic and Engagement: Use Canva

A professional logo is one of the MOST IMPORTANT visual marketing tools. Get NOTICED.

LogoDesignGeek will design a custom logo that works for YOU. We design only THE BEST, and we won’t stop until you are 100% satisfied. That’s our guarantee.

LogoDesignGeek | Custom Logo Designs

Custom Logo Designs in Photoshop

Social media connects businesses with nurtured leads that can result in long term revenue for any business niche. Worked in coordination with organic search ranking, social media will drive lots of extra targeted hits to your site.

Its a Kind Of Social Media Magic.

Its a Kind Of Social Media Magic

100s of sites paying writers for content each day!