osCommerce Payment via Paypal Setup and Error Diagnostics


Keep Your osCommerce Store Healthy!

Shopping Cart Diagnostics is an ultimate service providing timely and accurate monitoring of your osCommerce store! The service troubleshoots your store server environment, website availability, end-user experience and web page performance. You can also check your osCommerce shopping cart configuration settings for any glitches. With Shopping Cart Diagnostics you get everything you need at one place.

FREE osCommerce Error Diagnostics

STEP ONE: External and Internal Data Gathering

Shopping Cart Diagnostics gathers all the external and internal data necessary for performing the integrated store database and website check. The service aggregates all the necessary data on servers, store data, internal file and folder structure, etc. At this point, you will first need to download the connection bridge. It’s necessary for the service to be able to access your internal store data.

STEP TWO: Data Analysis

Shopping Cart Diagnostics analyses the data gathered during the first step of the way. The service goes through each and every aspect of store and website analysis to make sure everything is taken into account. This phase doesn’t take more than a couple of minutes.

STEP THREE: Error Detection

The service identifies the errors found within the setting of the website, shopping cart platform, store database and content, server environment, store security and other major aspects of shopping cart diagnostics. Within your account dashboard, the service displays all the Errors identified within the setting, as well as Notices on minor issues that require your attention. Based on the plan you have chosen for your store check, you will receive different types of error checks that you may alter by changing your plan and pricing.

STEP FOUR: Error Solution Suggestions

With the list of errors identified in the process of your store check you will receive suggestions and advice on how to resolve the issues and improve your store functionality.
That’s it! No other steps or unnecessary resources to spend. Have your store checked for errors right here and right now.
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