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 SEO Content Writing: Target your keywords

SEO Content Writing

‘Short and sweet. It often takes people months of trial and error to get to a place where they understand these three simple and basic rules. Hopefully they find your site first.’
- Quote from feedback on an article on the top 3 SEO rules written by ClickForSEO for iEntry on
We shall write articles for guest blogs, and social networks that host a back link to your business site. Sites chosen to host your articles will be based on your niche. These can be guest blogs or directories.
You can order SEO content on a per article basis. Usually, clients then order a quick SEO gig for syndication and link building. Though, you can also order a batch of articles that includes a traffic plan.

Our Top SEO Content Packages

Just need articles written? For your blog, main site or a guest post? Order any number of articles.

You send a quick brief covering 1) the keywords to target , 2) keyword density, 3) the style of writing – business, humorous, freindly, etc and 4) you can specify the article title, signature and links to target.
1 link per signature is the best approach. The article content can also link to the target web site via one of the targeted anchor keywords. See the example articles list at the foot of this page.

Do you need content for your blogs, business site PLUS traffic to be driven to the articles?
Rates (for most niches, I will let you know if the niche needs extra research)
1-4 articles ordered: £15 per article covering more than 450 words and up to 1000 words.
5-9 articles ordered: £12 per article available for 400 to 450 word articles.
10 or more articles: £10 per article available for 400 to 450 word articles.
Note: articles needing more than 450 words are at the fixed rate of £15. A discount on batch orders can be negotiated for articles over 450 words.
Further discounted rates for less words per article can be negotiated.

Each order includes the below traffic generating strategies:

  • Each article is submitted social media groups and pages related to your niche.
  • Article pages on sites chosen will be linked to your site via anchor keywords in the content and signature.
  • Every post is sent to Reddit, Digg and many other bookmarking sites.
  • Article is posted to linkagogo, jumptags, and
Each traffic stream above will extend the reach of your targeted links and therefore traffic within hours to a few days.

SEO Content Writing: Target your keywords |
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