The Writing Business: Get Paid for Reviews and to Write Blogs

A complete roadmap to a freelance writing income…£5.99

Writing For Money: The Online Writer’s Path To A Full Time Income

If you would like an ebook that shows you step by step how to start earning a freelance online writing income OR you simply need more income, my new ebook shows you the way.

Some reviews from linkedin writers:

I’m not even done with the book yet, because I keep letting myself check out links and sites mentioned in the book, but I already know that if I’d had this book, or one even remotely like it when I first started in my freelance writing career, I’d have an extremely healthy income stream and I’d probably be sitting on the verandah of my nice house sitting an ice cold drink with my laptop open and writing on my brand new 35-inch LCD screen.” – Mike Aguilar

I have reviewed your book and think it’s well worth the money. I was expecting it to be much shorter (based on others available). There are quite a few links to be investigated and I was surprised that you even went into HTML commands and advanced search engine techniques.” – Alex Keane

Writing For Money: The Online Writer’s Path To A Full Time Income provides you with plenty of information about genuine content writing sites that will help you to earn a steady income, writing articles from home. If you are a good writer, you might even earn more than what you are earning from your 9-5 job, by following and making use of the leads provided in this e-book. ” – Parsi Bagan

I have been continually reading Stephen’s eBook and I guess my only problem is knowing where I need to get started. He did all of the hard work so we wouldn’t have to. This book is chock full of information he laborously put together so others would have access. He took all of the guesswork out of it and made it easier to access what we need to be looking for. And he is using this group to continually update us on more information. For those of us who were fortunate enough to get a free copy of the book, feel lucky. Anyone else interested that might have to pay, it is more than worth the investment. Thanks for helping all of us, Stephen!”   - Rich Briggs

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